SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KRON) – We don’t know whether the NFL season will start as scheduled this year but one date hasn’t changed.

The NFL Draft begins on Thursday.

In an atypical offseason, the 49ers’ preparation for the NFL Draft remains close to business as usual. 

At a virtual pre-draft session Monday, GM John Lynch said it’s all about making the most of the team’s seven picks, that includes possible draft-day trades.

“We will let people know right up until the draft, there’s scenarios where we’re gonna be open at both those picks to moving back. It’s out there for everyone to see. We have two firsts and then we don’t have a pick til the fifth where we have two,” Lynch said. 

After their Super Bowl run, the 49ers started the offseason with just one first-round pick, the 31st, but the team traded pro-bowl defensive tackle DeForest Buckner to the Colts in exchange for the 13th overall pick.

“The Colts entered the picture with a pick, not only a first round pick but in the upper half, and we weighed that with the opportunity to sign other guys, it was one of those business decisions that’s so tough,” Lynch said. 

San Francisco has a couple important areas of need, wide receiver, cornerback, and defensive line among them but Lynch stayed mum on whether the team was hoping to address a specific position in the first round.

“I think you think more about, is this guy a difference maker at whatever position he plays, and that’s really what we’re focused on more than anything. We want someone who’s gonna come in an make us a better football team,” Lynch said. 

San Francisco has less than $12-million left in salary cap space. 

That’s likely to be an important factor in the team’s draft-day decision making.

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