(KRON) — By now, we’ve all seen the “SELL” T-shirt, intended to encourage Oakland A’s owner John Fisher to sell the baseball club to someone who will keep the team in Oakland instead of moving it to Las Vegas.

Now that same sentiment can be seen on a billboard near you. There’s one just outside the A’s home at the Oakland Coliseum.

Paul Bailey with the A’s fan group, The Last Dive Bar, says keeping the pressure on means using the proceeds from the sales of these T-shirts to put up billboards in Oakland, Fresno and Sacramento.

One reads, “Doris get your kid,” referring to John Fisher’s mother Doris.

At the minimum, A’s fans say the billboards and the shirts help set the record straight that the A’s fan base has always been here to support the team. Still, fans are hoping for more, specifically that their effort will either convince Fisher to sell the team or convince Major League Baseball owners to reject the A’s move to Las Vegas.