OAKLAND, Calif. (KRON) – For the first time since announcing a land deal in Las Vegas, the Oakland A’s played at the Oakland Coliseum Friday night.

The East Bay faithful was predictably not happy with the team. Fans showed up at the game with signs showing signs like “Kaval = Liar” and “Fisher out” in reference to team president Dave Kaval and owner John Fisher. 

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“This fan base is the most loyal fan base in Major League Baseball,” one fan said. “We deserve our team to continue to be rooted in Oakland.”

Protestors gathered outside the stadium to make their point and hung signs from beyond the right field wall. Some in attendance said they were swearing off games at the Coliseum, not wanting to give Fisher any more of their money.

The A’s announced on April 19 that they bought land in Las Vegas with intentions to build a new ballpark. Oakland Mayor Sheng Thao responded by terminating discussions with the team for their proposed Howard Terminal ballpark in Oakland.

A’s fans have been left caught in the middle. Those at the game on Friday say they just want to watch some baseball. They saw another poor pitching performance from their team as the A’s lost 11-7 to the Cincinnati Reds. 

A’s fans will host a “reverse boycott” on June 13, which they’ve named “Pack the Coliseum.” The intention is to show that passionate A’s fans are in the East Bay, and the often-empty crowds at the Coliseum are due to ownership.