PALO ALTO, Calif. (KRON) – Most athletes will tell you that their teammates become like brothers, but a pair of current Stanford hoopers have the DNA to back it up. 

Daniel Begovich is a junior guard for the Cardinal and brother Neal is in his freshman season as a forward. 

While siblings playing for the same team is unusual past high school, for the Begovich brothers, it was definitely by design. 

Neal Begovich explains what it’s like to be able to play the sport he loves with his brother. 

“We always used to play together in the front yard, and all those battles, we couldn’t even imagine not playing together at one point, because our whole lives have been surrounded by basketball with each other,” Neal said. 

Daniel adds playing college basketball has always been the dream. 

“We grew up coming to all the Stanford games, really looked forward to it, and so our dream ever since we were really, really young was to play college basketball and to be able to play alongside one another,” Daniel said. 

The San Francisco natives were born to a father who played college basketball for Cal and a mother who attended Stanford. 

Their oldest brother also attended stanford.

“It’s just been ingrained in our blood, and to be able to see, not only what the academic side speaks for itself, but the type of people here were so similar minded, like my brothers, and like our teammates, it’s just a place you want to be where you can grow,” Neal said. 

And grow they have. Even though head coach Jerrod Haase didn’t set out to recruit a pair of brothers, he’s enjoyed seeing their similarities on the court.

“They both have elite shots, their shots are just beautiful, it’s fundamentally sound, and they’re very good shooters, so in that regard, and also in how they just carry themselves, very professionally, and they’re well spoken, so it’s easy to say and tell how they’re raised in the same household,” Haase said. 

There are some differences. Daniel’s a couple years older and Neal’s a couple inches taller, but the brothers say they’re inseparable and equally appreciative of this unique experience. 

Daniel adds, “To be able to spend this time together and play on the team, I can’t even describe how much fun it’s been and how grateful I am. I’m just taking it all in, soaking it all up, and making the most of it.”