(KRON) — Longtime MLB relief pitcher Trevor May announced his retirement from baseball on Monday, and he made some noise on his way out. May, who pitched for the Oakland A’s in 2023, blasted Oakland owner John Fisher in a live Twitch video announcing the retirement.

“To the A’s organization and every single person part of it, I love all of you, every single one of you — except for one guy,” the nine-year veteran said. “And we all know who that guy is.”

“Sell the team, dude. I tried to get a ‘Sell’ shirt and it didn’t get here fast enough. Just sell it, man. Let someone who actually takes pride in the things they own own something.”

The “Sell” shirts May referred to were created by A’s fans hoping to pressure Fisher into selling the team and are now common to see in the crowd at the Oakland Coliseum. The team announced a potential move to Las Vegas in April.

May’s rant against Fisher continued for two minutes. He said he “struggled” to hold himself back from criticizing Fisher while he played the 2023 season for Oakland.

“Take mommy and daddy’s money somewhere else, dork,” he said. “And also, if you’re just gonna be a greedy f***, own it. There’s nothing weaker than being afraid of cameras.”

May pitched just the final season of his career for Oakland after playing for the Minnesota Twins and New York Mets before that. The Kelso, WA native struck out 520 hitters and pitched to a 4.24 ERA in 450.1 career innings.