(KRON) — San Francisco Giants pitcher Logan Webb is using his own personal tragedy to try to help others. A year after losing his cousin Kade to a fentanyl overdose, Webb has taken to speaking at high schools about the danger of the drug, he said in a video posted by MLB Players Media on Tuesday.

Just two days before his wedding in December 2021, Webb received horrible news. Kade Webb had taken what he thought was a pain pill, but it was laced with fentanyl. He died at 20.

Since then, Logan Webb has been speaking to high school students about mental health and fentanyl awareness. In November, Webb visited his high school, Rocklin High School in the Sacramento area, to speak on the subject.

“It’s terrifying, honestly. And I think it’s important for these young kids to know the dangers that there are out there,” he said.

According to a story published by The Athletic, Kade Webb died in the bathroom of a Roseville Safeway on Dec. 3, 2021. The New York Times reported that he bought Percocet through a dealer on Snapchat, and it turned out to be spiked with a lethal dose of fentanyl. Logan said Kade was like a brother to him.

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“Whatever I can do to help make people aware, I want to do. We can’t just sit back and be OK with this,” he told The Athletic.

Webb said he plans to continue visiting schools to share his cousin’s story.