(KRON) — The San Francisco 49ers’ season ended at the hands of the Philadelphia Eagles in the NFC Championship Game Sunday. While the players had a tough time on the field, their families had their own struggles in the crowd.

Syndey Warner, the wife of 49ers Pro Bowl linebacker Fred Warner, detailed the heckling she received at the game in a TikTok. Warner said she did not feel safe at Lincoln Financial Field and would never return.

Warner said her husband told her not to wear red, and she only brought a red bag. She said an Eagles fan spotted the bag at a concession stand and got in her face before another fan calmed him down.

She said fans threw stuff at her and hurled expletives. According to Warner, rowdy Eagles fans said “I hope your plane crashes” to a 49ers fan.

“I’m 100% down for riding for your team, like hoorah let’s go team. But honestly, I just didn’t feel very safe,” she said in a nearly 3-minute video to her 46,700 followers.

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Warner gained popularity as a contestant on The Bachelor when she went by Sydney Hightower. She married Fred Warner in June 2022.

Fred Warner turned in another Pro Bowl season for the 49ers in 2022, notching 130 tackles and breaking up 10 passes. He made eight tackles in the loss to the Eagles.