Kevin Durant reflects back on NBA finals with Raptors’ Serge Ibaka


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(KRON) – Brooklyn Nets’ Kevin Durant sits down with former teammate Serge Ibaka to discuss the NBA finals match up and so much more on an episode of, “How Hungry Are You?” from Bleacher Report.

Before the pair get on to grub, the former Oklahoma City Thunder teammates talk some friendly trash as they relive moments during the NBA finals.

Durant jokes with Ibaka, “I was happy you won, but just you, nobody else.”

Ibaka discusses how he didn’t realize KD was injured as he went down, that Durant losing his shoes is what first ran through his mind.

Durant explains, “I was on the ground thinking about my whole basketball career, it happened so fast.”

Ibaka then advises Durant to take as much time as he needs to rest.

“I’m planning on sitting out the whole season,” Durant says. “I’ve been through everything this was just something else I have to get over.”

Ibaka wastes no time by asking Durant, “Do you think if you didn’t go down you guys would of beat us?”

Durant, “For sure … If I was out there, ya’ll wouldn’t have beat us at home.”

Ibaka continues by asking Durant if he liked playing with the Warriors.

“Of course. We had success. Our offense was unstoppable. We had great defense and we played in front of the best fans in the league at that point.”

Ibaka goes as far to joke with KD, “If things were so great, then why leave?”

Durant explains, “Man it was another opportunity to play for another team. It wasn’t that big of a deal. You know what I’m saying. It was just like, I wanna play for the Nets. It’s on the East Coast, close to home, the Nets is solid and it’s New York City. I can pick my game up and play anywhere.”

Ibaka didn’t stop there, he went on to ask who Durant thinks is the best shooter on the Warriors.

KD says with no hesitation, “Steph …. He shoots so pretty it’s so effortless.” .

Towards the end of the segment, Ibaka asks a series of ‘spicy questions.’ If Durant doesn’t answer he has to take of spicy cricket tea.

Durant passes Ibaka’s challenge and together the pair eat fried snake to close the show out.

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