About a dozen people in Georgia are accusing a prominent businessman of taking off with nearly $1-million a months-long Super Bowl and business scam.

The man’s mother is even accusing him of theft tied to the scam.

A search was underway Friday for an Atlanta-area businessman accused of swindling NFL fans out of more than $750,000 in Super Bowl ticket orders.

The alleged victims reportedly include his own mother, whom authorities say gave him money but never received tickets to the big game between the L.A. Rams and New England Patriots.

Ketan Shah, of Lawrenceville, Georgia, allegedly scammed at least five victims in Gwinnett County, then vanished with the money and without delivering the tickets.

Shah’s mother told police her son left with $36,000 she gave him for super bowl tickets, Cpl. Wilbert Rundles, a spokesman for the Gwinnett County Police Department, told the station.

“The money totals well over three-quarters of a million dollars,” Rundles said. “It is pretty surprising when you would take advantage of a friend or family members, but your own mother? It’s quite troubling.”