SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — With the recent surge of the omicron COVID-19 cases throughout the country, it’s not just everyday citizens who have to adjust.

After a number of players tested positive and missed games within the last month, the NBA has announced Friday COVID-19 testing protocols that will be enacted from Jan. 16 to Feb. 17.

Players recently infected with the virus are not required to test on game days, the league said.

Asymptomatic surveillance testing is not required for a player on his day off as long as he doesn’t enter team facilities or interact with Tier 1 personnel such as coaches, training staff, or anyone who has direct and close contact with the players.

Based on vaccination status, the NBA divided the players into four categories of testing requirements: non-fully-vaccinated, ineligible for booster, eligible for booster, and boosted.

Non-fully-vaccinated: Not much has changed. Non-fully-vaccinated players, even if asymptomatic, must undergo daily testing. On game days, they will still need a negative lab test.

Ineligible for booster: The NBA defines this as those who received the Johnson & Johnson vaccine less than two months ago or received the second shot of Pfizer or Moderna less than five months ago.

Those players will not need to test daily or on game days — unless an antibody is not detected.

Eligible for booster: This is defined as it has been more than two months since the player received the J&J vaccine or more than five months since receiving the Pfizer or Moderna.

These players are required to test daily, even if asymptomatic, and test on gamedays.

Boosted: Anyone who received a third shot in either the Pfizer or Moderna series or received a second shot after the J&J vaccine does not need to test daily or on gamedays.

The NBA’s updated COVID-19 testing announcement can be viewed here.