(KRON) — The New York Mets made a trip across the country to take on the A’s in Oakland. Although the Mets won 17-6 in Friday’s series opener, the road team’s broadcast team might’ve been the loser that night.

Due to a possum, SportsNet New York (SNY) broadcasters Gary Cohen and Ron Darling were moved out of the designated broadcast booth for the visiting team, the two said during Friday’s telecast.

Cohen and Darling said a possum left an unpleasant smell — forcing them to relocate to a smaller booth.

“Apparently, the booth reeked so badly of possum leavings that an executive decision was made to move us to this booth, which is somewhat smaller and has few impediments,” Cohen said during the SNY broadcast.

An Oakland Coliseum spokesperson said there was no possum seen in the broadcast booth Friday but confirms there was a possum sighting on Opening Day when the Los Angeles Angels came to town.

Possums have been inside and near the Oakland Coliseum for years since opening in 1966, according to the spokesperson. Coliseum practice is to set traps for possums and relocate them as humanely as possible.

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One year ago, another incident involving animals happened at Oakland Coliseum. Around 30 to 40 stray cats were reported to be at the stadium.