OAKLAND (KRON) – The Oakland Raiders have officially one less thing to worry about as wide receiver Antonio Brown has decided to wear the Xenith Shadow helmet this upcoming season.

On Wednesday, Brown announced his partnership with Xenith and their flagship product.

Brown told reporters, “It’s just, I only get one head and one neck. So I gotta make sure when guys(are) trying to take my head off, I got the right lid to protect (me).”

According to Xenith, “The helmet provides balanced weight distribution and a light, responsible feel, allowing for quickness and speed on the field, while ensuring a stable fit.”

This comes after a long battle with the NFL. Brown filed a helmet grievance with the NFL because the helmet he wanted to wear, wasn’t qualified by the National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment.

The grievance was rejected which left Brown in a bind to find a version of his favorite helmet that would meet NFL’s approval.

Days later, due to multiple practices missed, Oakland Raiders’ general manager Mike Mayock issued a statement stating, “It’s time for him to be either all in or all out.”

Following the statement, Brown showed up to practice and participated wearing a certified helmet.

Today Xenith announced their partnership with the receiver.

Fellow NFL players who wear Xenith are Buffalo Bills running back Frank Gore, and Cleveland Browns running back Nick Chubb.

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