After a 9–8 campaign in 2021 that ended with a lopsided defeat in the wild-card round, the Eagles broke out in a big way last season, flirting with an undefeated record and winning the NFC before a heartbreaking 38–35 loss to the Chiefs in Super Bowl LVII. With a strong core returning for next season, should we expect similar success this fall for Philadelphia?

According to Sports Illustrated senior writer Conor Orr, it might be time to pump the brakes.

With 100 days left until the 2023 season kicks off, Orr marked the occasion with 100 bold predictions for the year. Among them is the claim that the Eagles will not only fail to get back to the Super Bowl, but they won’t even win their own division. Why won’t this happen? Read the breakdown below:

This is based on nothing other than my internal sense that whenever everyone thinks the Eagles will be really good, they turn out to be just O.K. Whenever the Eagles are supposed to be just O.K., they end up being really good. Call it deep scarring from the Dream Team summer of Vince Young and Nnamdi Asomugha (who was amazing in The Good Nurse, by the way). And don’t forget this division hasn’t had a repeat winner since these Eagles way back in 2004.

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