Just a few weeks ago, the Seahawks were in first place in the NFC West, and the 49ers were in second place.

Now, the 49ers are back in first place, the Seahawks have lost two of their past three games and these two teams will face each other in Seattle on Thanksgiving. And the 49ers are seven-point favorites on the road. As they should be.

The Seahawks are not a serious threat to the 49ers or any team. The Seahawks are the essence of mediocre. They're 6-4, and yet they're overall net points is negative-2. Which means through 10 games, they've given up 2 more points than they've scored. As opposed to the 49ers, who have scored 122 more points than they've given up this season. That's a huge difference.

To be fair, the Seahawks have certain things going for them. They have the loudest home field in the NFL, plus they have excellent cornerbacks who can cover Brandon Aiyuk and the rest of the 49ers wide receivers man to man. Not many teams have all that.

But the Seahawks also have Geno Smith, who has an elbow injury, and isn't particularly dangerous when he's healthy.

There's something robotic about Smith. As opposed to his predecessor, Russell Wilson, who somehow finds ways to win. In Wilson's career, his record against the 49ers is 18-4 including the playoffs, while Smith's record is 0-3.

The Seahawks don't give the 49ers problems -- Wilson does. And that's because he can get out of the pocket, scramble, extend plays and complete long passes. He's also excellent in the fourth quarter. Smith is none of those things.

The 49ers should win convincingly on Thursday night.