Former Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman continues to be asked whether or not he will come out of retirement to return to the NFL.

It sounds as if the three-time Super Bowl champion finally put those rumors to rest when he spoke on Barstool Sports’s Pardon My Take podcast this past week.

One of the reasons rumors involving Edelman keep circulating regarding a potential comeback is due to the fact that his former quarterback, Tom Brady, is still playing at a high level in the league at age 45. 

But, to Edelman, age makes a huge difference for a wide receiver.

“I’m done, boys,” Edelman said. “You can’t be two years out of the game coming in at 37 with knee braces and taped ankles thinking you’re going to go out here and compete against these young bucks.”

The 37-year-old Edelman clearly sees age as a major concern for his potential return to the league. He’s also been retired since April 2021, meaning he’s missed two full seasons without playing professional football.

Based on his reasoning, fans can expect to not see the Super Bowl LIII MVP on the football field again.