Following Sunday's 31–28 win over the Bears, the Broncos' first of the season, Jerry Jeudy had a harsh response for a critical former teammate. 

During the game, Phillip Lindsay took to X (formerly Twitter) to question the performance of the Denver receivers, whom he said were "no-shows." No Broncos pass-catcher had more than three receptions versus Chicago. 

Jeudy apparently didn't want to hear that negativity, especially from someone who isn't currently playing in the NFL and was watching the game from home like any other fan. 

To underline the point, legendary Denver receiver Rod Smith agreed with Lindsay. But in Jeudy's view, someone who knows the position so well should realize that a receiver can sometimes only do so much in a game.

As Jeudy mentioned, the Broncos won the game so that's what ultimately matters. He caught three passes on Sunday, tying him for a team-high with two other receivers. Complaining about his receptions would be bad form. 

However, Jeudy had no problem clapping back at naysayers, regardless of their accomplishments.