OAKLAND, Calif. (KRON) — Stephen and Ayesha Curry are giving back to Oakland in a big way. For years, their “Eat. Learn. Play.” foundation has worked with Oakland and the greater Bay Area community to address issues including childhood hunger and education.

The Currys call Oakland their “adoptive home” not just from the Warriors fanbase but because they started their own family there and made connections with the community as a whole.

Students at the Lockwood Steam Academy in Oakland unveiled the remodeled schoolyard, alongside Steph and Ayesha Curry on Wednesday. The upgraded playground is part of the Currys’ foundation, and there are more lofty goals.

“We’re committing over $50 million dollars to the Oakland Unified School District and continue to amplify the systems and services that already exist,” Steph said. 

One of Curry’s foundation efforts is to improve the school district’s central kitchen – the hub of the food program network.

“The central kitchen as we know has been a dozen years in the making, and the potential there is five or six million locally sourced scratched cooked meals annually to Oakland students,” said Chris Heldrich, CEO of Eat. Learn. Play.

The elementary school’s reimagined schoolyard includes a new, kid-designed playground, two multi-sport courts, two mini soccer pitches, an outdoor classroom, enhanced community gardens, and a mural that spans the entire schoolyard.

“These kids deserve access to healthy and nutritious meals, the ability to be supported in their educational journey,” Steph said.