SANTA CLARA, Calif. (KRON) – Despite blowing out the Green Bay Packers in the regular season 37-8, the San Francisco 49ers are gearing up for the NFC Championship as if they’ve never seen them before.

49ers’ head coach Kyle Shanahan spoke with reporters on Monday and explains this match up will be much different.

“That game got away from them early and that’s definitely not the team we’re going to see this week,” Shanahan said.

“Everyone knows how good Green Bay is, how good their coaching staff is, how good their players are, how good their quarterback is. I don’t think they’ve lost a game since then. I think that game really holds zero relevance to what’s going to happen this Sunday,” explains the head coach.

Reporters asked Shanahan what would be the teaching point for players who might take this game for granted after beating Green Bay just a few months ago.

“Don’t be that stupid. That’s not real. This is about Sunday’s game. I could give a thousand stories of things like that, parts and plenty of games from my history that I’ve been a part of,” said Shanahan.

The head coach went on to reflect back on when teams would take beating another for granted and go on to lose the following game.

“I remember losing to Carolina 37-0 when they were 13-0 and we had to play them two weeks later and then we beat them at Atlanta and they ended up being 15-1 that year. There’s so many stories like that and this is the NFL. The game before never matters like that. There’s four teams left and it’s four very, very good teams. It’s going to be a hard game for all of us. Also, our players, the type of guys they are, the way they’ve been all year, I’m not concerned about that. They’ll have to answer that question, I’m sure, a lot, but I don’t think that’ll be a worry for our players, which means it won’t be for me,” Shanahan said.

The 49ers will face Green Bay on Sunday at Levi’s Stadium.