(KRON) — After a 104-101 loss to the Los Angeles Lakers Monday night in L.A., the Golden State Warriors saved their playoff run in Game 5 Wednesday night with a 121-106 win. Can they do it again on Friday? Let’s ask Steph Furry.

Viral video of a corgi by the social media handle “AirCorgi“—or “Steph Furry” to fans— shows the dog correctly predicting all of the Lakers-Warriors playoff games so far. It even shows the Warriors winning the next two games, making it to and winning the Western Conference Semifinals.

The video shows the corgi bouncing a basketball off its nose and making it into one of two baskets labeled “Lakers” or “Warriors.” Up to Game 5, the predictions have all been correct, showing:

  • Game 1: Lakers
  • Game 2: Warriors
  • Game 3: Lakers
  • Game 4: Lakers
  • Game 5: Warriors
  • Game 6: Warriors
  • Game 7: Warriors

Another video posted to the channel shows the dog doing “impressions” of famous basketball players including a no-look shot meant to impersonate Steph Curry and the dog stomping on a stuffed animal meant to impersonate Draymond Green, among others.

Game 6 of the Western Conference Semifinals will take place Friday in Los Angeles. Tip-off time is to be determined.