SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — When asked whether they own an earthquake kit, many Bay Area residents are unprepared for when the big one hits. These people are not alone — and chances are you’re in the same boat.

Zach Miller owns Redfora, a San Francisco company that puts together earthquake kits so you don’t have to.

The items range from things like water, non-perishable food, hygiene products to the things you might not think about.

“If you have to spend the night outside you have a tent, you have a sleeping bag, you got a sleeping bag, you got a poncho and this is custom built for every member of your family so it’s customizeable,” Miller said.

Miller also recommends having a cranked flashlight radio so you can charge your cell phone even if the power is out.

Miller says even after a major disaster, most people will not be hurt, but how we survive is up to us.

“It’s really about how comfortable you’ll be after an emergency happens, so making sure you have the food, water, shelter there for at least three to seven days because that’s probably how long it’s going to take before your utilities get back to normal,” Miller said.

It’s also important to write down some of your most important contacts.

Most people have their contacts stored in their cell phone, but when the phone’s battery dies, it’s important to have a backup, Miller said.