Authorities said a 15-year-old teenage girl was killed alongside her father, who was suspected of abducting her and killing the child’s mother, during a shootout with police in California on Tuesday.

San Bernardino County Sheriff Shannon Dicus said during a news conference that authorities received a tip from a 911 caller about the whereabouts of Anthony John Graziano, 45, who police said was armed and dangerous and had abducted his daughter, Savannah Graziano. 

Dicus said authorities began pursuing Graziano’s vehicle until eventually the car ran off the road. At that point, a firefight between the suspect and authorities ensued.

During the ordeal, the 15-year-old girl apparently exited the passenger side of the vehicle wearing tactical gear, and began running toward the authorities. Police opened fire, and only afterward realized she was the suspect’s daughter. She was immediately transported to a local hospital and later died from the injuries she sustained in the shootout, Dicus said. 

Dicus added that authorities believe that the teenage girl was firing gunshots at the officers during the chase. 

Anthony John Graziano was killed in the firefight.

According to The Associated Press, Graziano was wanted as a suspect in the murder of his wife and mother of his daughter, 45-year-old Tracy Martinez, which occurred on Monday in an alleged domestic violence incident. 

Family members told Fontana Police Department investigators that the couple had been going through a divorce when the incident occurred, according to the AP.

Authorities found Martinez on Monday morning, suffering from multiple gunshot wounds. 

Martinez would later be pronounced dead after being rushed to a nearby medical facility, the AP reported. 

Authorities initially launched an Amber Alert after Graziano fled the scene of Martinez’s death with his daughter. 

The Hill has reached out to the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Office and the Fontana Police Department for further comment.