OAKLAND, Calif. (KRON) – In a lengthy statement, the acting superintendent of the Oakland Unified School District condemned the woman who removed the flags of four Latin American countries from a school for racism.

At the same time, she confirmed that the Oakland Police Department is investigating the Saturday incident.

“Combating racism and healing as a community starts with supporting one another, and standing up together against anyone who would hurt us,” Sondra Aguilera stated in an email. “Together, we will build a stronger, more united, and more inclusive district, city, and nation.”

As KRON4 reported Monday, a video first posted to Instagram account The Black Bay Area appears to show that the incident occurred at the Havenscourt Middle School campus in East Oakland (The school shares a campus with Coliseum College Prep Academy). The video shows a woman taking down the flags of Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras from the school, and explaining to an offended bystander that “This says Mexico I’m taking it down.”

According to the district, the flags were up to celebrate Latino heritage. Hispanic Heritage Month runs through Oct. 15.

The woman was described as a “Karen” on social media.

“She took all the flags, knotted them up, and tossed them aside,” Aguilera stated. “This shocking incident was witnessed by several people and fortunately, [Coliseum College Prep Academy] Principal Amy Carozza, soon discovered that the flags had been taken down. She quickly found them and put them back up.”

Aguilera stated that “we need to be anti-racist and nurture alliances against hate.”

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“This behavior reflects a disturbing trend that has been at work across the country in recent years: an acceptance and encouragement of hatred against people based on their race,” Aguilera stated. “Racism is part of the long history of white supremacy that plagues our country, and that we all need to unlearn, and work together to heal from.”