SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — Ever get in trouble for sleeping on the job? Well, now sleeping is the job.

Sleep Junkie wants to find an insomniac, or someone who just struggles to get good quality sleep, and pay them $2,000 to review the latest sleeping products over an eight week period.

Basically, $250 per hour to test out different sleep aids and devices. Each product will be reviewed for one week, and each review will take about one hour to complete, according to Sleep Junkie. It includes sleep tracking apps, pillows, eye masks and bedding.

And yes, the job is remote eligible! Sleep Junkie says you can sleep from home.

The job starts after January 22 so the hiree could contribute to an “ultimate sleep guide” that debuts on March 18, for World Sleep Day.

“The science of sleep is fascinating and we are constantly researching the latest trends and technology to share with our readers. As a team, we are all dedicated to providing the best sleep advice we can,” said Dorothy Chambers with the company. “We believe that everyone is entitled to and can achieve a restful night’s sleep. Our hope is that by recruiting someone with poor sleep history, we can help them find peace at night, whilst they help us gather useful information we can share with others.”

The real-life ‘Princess and the Pea’ must also be at least 21 years old, Sleep Junkie said.

The application deadline is on Jan. 8, 2022.