(NewsNation Now) — Bored with your beauty routine? Think what you need to add is a little bit of nostalgia … maybe in the form of lunchmeat? Oscar Mayer has you covered with a new moisturizing face mask “inspired by bologna.”

Currently available for $5 on Amazon (although probably not for much longer), the masks are inspired by the memory of kids biting eye and mouth holes in slices of bologna.

Just to clarify: The masks do not contain any actual bologna and are not edible. They are infused with witch hazel and seaweed-derived ingredients to protect and hydrate the skin.

(Credit: Oscar Mayer)

The face masks continue Oscar Mayer’s more than century-long practice of not taking itself too seriously. It is, after all, the company that drives 27-foot-long Weinermobiles coast to coast to promote the brand. And anyone who grew up in the ’60s and ’70s enjoyed prolonged exposure to the Oscar Mayer jingle, originated by jingle legend Richard Trentlage who, according to Digital Music News, wrote the entire thing in a frenzy of creation late one night in 1962.

In a press release, Oscar Mayer says, “For many, the New Year brings renewed energy, excitement, and commitment to self-care. While resolutions and refreshed routines can be daunting and unattainable, Oscar Mayer is bringing a playful spin on the often serious ‘New Year, New You’ trope with its meaty take on the self-care space.”

For those wondering if the mask is nothing more than a gag gift, think twice. It was created in partnership with Seoul Mamas, a leading Korean skincare and beauty product company. Just like other similar masks (that don’t look like slices of bologna), it promises to protect the skin’s elasticity, moisturize, provide protection and really make you wish you had two slices of white bread and some American cheese. (OK, we might have made up that last part.)

Times are serious right now, with virus variants, Supreme Court fights, inflation, tensions with Russia and a host of other things. It might be just the time to draw a hot bubble bath, light some relaxing candles, put on some smooth jazz and slap a slice of bologna on your face.