SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — Sorry, messy typers. Twitter probably won’t add an edit button.

Tweets are all about throwing some brief thoughts out into the internet void. The lucky Twitter user will go viral. The unlucky Twitter user will go viral with a major typo in their tweet.

Any user scrolling the social media app has likely seen the inevitable second tweet in a viral Twitter thread, correcting a typo. Because sometimes, the tweet is too popular to delete and there’s no edit button.

Twitter advises that people who need edits just “need to forgive” themselves instead. Or, just “embrace the typos.”

If neither of those things is possible, and you have an extra few dollars a month, you could opt to pay for Twitter’s new service, called Twitter Blue. (Currently only available to Canada and Australia).

Anyone who is subscribed will get the closest thing possible to an edit button: Undo Tweet.

This function lets subscribers preview and revises their tweet before it shows up publicly. There’s a customizable timer option, up to 30 seconds, that gives a buffer to users who may have noticed a typo between hitting send tweet and before the timer is up.

Of course, you can also just proofread your tweet for free.