4-year-old boy saves family from fire


RAVEN, Va. (CNN NEWSOURCE) — A 4-year-old Virginia boy is being called a hero after saving his family in a house fire this week in Raven.

Little Elijah Spaulding rescued his baby sister, and mother from their burning home.

“I got her out!”

They say all heroes don’t wear capes, and that’s the case for this little boy.

His name is Elijah Spaulding.

The 4-year-old rescued his baby sister, and his mother from their burning home in Raven.

“I smelled the fire, I pulled her out of the bed and I went in mommy’s room with sissy, and I told her ‘mommy there’s a fire’,” he said.

Elijah’s mother, Mylinda, said she taught her son to alert her if he ever spotted a dangerous situation like this.

“He said, ‘mommy, we got to get out.’ I said, ‘did you get your sister,’ and he had his sister in his arms,” Mylinda said.

Elijah’s father, Bobby Spaulding was at work when the fire broke out.

“I really didn’t understand my wife when she called,” he said. “She was hysterical and I just looked at my boss and said I have to go, there’s something wrong. One of my co-worker rushed me back here and that’s when I saw that it was a house fire.”

Unfortunately, the family’s 1-year-old great dane, Harley didn’t make it out.

“He was heart broken about his dog,” Mylinda said.

Despite losing everything, the Spauldings spirits are high.

“We’re going to take it day by day, and eventually again we’ll have a better start,” Mylinda said.

The fire is still under investigation at this time.

The Spaulding family is currently staying with a friend.

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