Bay Area voters frustrated over locked ballot box


CONTRA COSTA, Calif. (KRON) – The Contra Costa County Registrar of Voters office say they’ve received around 5,000 ballots through USPS  on this first day of voting for the upcoming presidential election.

However on Monday, it was a different experience for those trying to cast their votes at the ballot box. 

An early voter, Aimee Nash, was looking forward to casting her ballot on day one of the polls being open in the 2020 presidential election,  but she found out when she arrived at the Sycamore Valley Road park and ride location in Danville, the ballot box was closed.

Nash explained, “I was very excited about to go out and vote on the first day that the ballot boxes were open and I wasn’t able to do that.”

In this highly polarized political environment she couldn’t help but think that something was fishy, “I feel it is possibly intentional. I don’t like to accuse anybody but uh.”

Contra Costa County Assistant Registrar of Voters Scott Konpasek says, “I understand everything is under scrutiny now. Everything will be second guessed.”

However, Konopasek adds there was nothing underhanded about the ballot boxes not being closed. Instead he says they just got their signals crossed on this one. 

Konpasek explains, “Today was our plan to mail the ballots. but the ballots were mailed early but we didn’t open the boxes early to account for the earlier mailing.”

Nash explains she’s skeptical as this has never happened to her before. 

“Our schedules are busy and when you find the time to fill ot the ballot and turn it in, it’s locked. You’re supposed to be home sheltering in place and not getting out and you make the venture out and the box is locked, it’s not okay,” Nash said. 

Officials at the Contra Costa County Voter Registrar’s Office say all 37 ballot boxes in the county are now open.

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