Victims of the Camp Fire or any other wildfire for that matter that occurred before PG&E filed for bankruptcy on January 29 of this year, now have a deadline to file a claim

“The judge ruled that if you are a wildfire survivor you must file papers with the court by Oct. 21,” said attorney Mike Danko, who represents a group of wildfire survivors. 

Danko represents thousands of wildfire survivors.  

He argued against the October deadline because often it takes fire victims a year to file a claim

“I am most concerned about the Camp [Fire] victims,” Danko said. “Victims of other fires have had more than a year to step forward but I know from prior experience, we will have some from the Camp Fire who are still living in parking lots or don’t have a computer or just cant act, who will in January say ‘I am ready to file a claim’ and I will have to say it’s too late you needed to file by Oct. 21

It was in May when CAL FIRE determined last November’s Camp Fire, which killed 85 people and wiped out the town of Paradise was caused by PG&E equipment.  

PG&E says the deadline is “A key milestone in our efforts to complete our restructuring process and compensate wildfire victims as quickly as possible,” but Danko sees it differently. 

“There’s no secret here PG&E knows the quicker the deadline, the fewer claims they will have to contend with — that is what they are trying to do,” Danko said. 

As part of the ruling PG&E must get the word out about the deadline to potential wildfire claimants and others who might have reason to file a claim against the utility.