ANTIOCH (KRON) – “She was trying to kill me,” were the words Brain Martin used to describe the moment when he locked eyes with a customer right before she rammed him with her car through a store front window Wednesday.

Martin is the 29-year-owner of a barber shop located on the 1600 block of A Street in Antioch and was completing a normal haircut on a boy who he’d seen for over a year, when his mother, Ruby Delgadillo, confronted Martin over a small nick on the boy’s neck. Martin says the small scratch was sustained because the boy wouldn’t sit still.

The argument escalated to the point of it spilling out onto the street when Delgadillo’s eyes “switched,” according to Martin. Delgadillo then proceeded to ram Martin through the store front of a neighboring business, he said.

The attack left the 63-year-old with a broken leg, which required surgery to insert a metal rod, and a considerable amount of pain. Martin say’s he will stay in the hospital through the weekend before embarking on a months long recovery.

Martin was bewildered by the incident, saying Delgadillo was normally a pleasant customer.

Despite the incident, Martin has empathy for the woman and is urging anyone that hears about the story to leave her alone and let the authorities do their job.

So far Delgadillo, of Brentwood, has evaded arrest as police search for her and her blue 2006 Toyota Prius with California license plate 8LHB387.