Mail carrier caught on camera wrestling package thieves


CHICAGO (CNN) — A mailman went the extra mile to make sure package thieves would not get away from police in his community.

Surveillance cameras were rolling when he confronted two men suspected of taking packages.

The two people first captured on camera sprinted near the corner of 81st and South Princeton in Chatham last Monday. Their target — a U.S. Postal Service worker’s cart — full of packages.

You’d think it was a quick, swift theft until you see what the next camera records.

Video shows the two suspects — one standing to the side, the other being tightly gripped by the postal worker who is underneath him.

Fast forward and you’ll see this went on for several minutes.

People walk around, cars pull up. The mailman is even seen being dragged and still does not let go.

At one point, one suspect goes to the home that’s recording this video to ask for help.

“The guy was I guess just walking around trying to help get the mailman off off his brother,” a woman said.

But he did not let go for six minutes in all until the flashing lights of police arrived.

One of the suspects had his hands over head.

The mailman was bruised and battered.

“He’s always been kind,” the woman said. “It was just really unfortunate to see something like that happen especially to him because he has a connection to this neighborhood.”

Chicago police said the postal worker, who is based at the office off South Ashland, was OK.

He was able to tell them he had noticed the teenagers, ages 16 and 17, following him before the attack.

“I was just grateful that we have a mailman that’s willing to go above and beyond for our community, for our mail,” the woman said.

Those teenagers were taken into custody and charged with misdemeanor theft.

Police said the packages they tried to steal were recovered.

USPS has not said if the suspects will also face federal charges.

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