New technology to speed things up on Election Day


CONTRA COSTA, Calif. (KRON) – New this year for voters in Contra Costa County, electronic poll-pads.

Officials at the Voter Registrar’s office explain how the new technology will speed things up on Election Day. 

Election poll workers no longer need a paper list to confirm voter information in Contra Costa County, where the information is now accessed electronically on poll-pads. The poll pad is actually an ipad that contains all registered voters info.

Contra Costa County Assistant Registrar Scott Konopasek explains how it works.

“The voter walks into the door and they go to the person with the ipad. They give their name. They’re looked up. Their address is confirmed. The worker verifies that they have not already voted. If they have not already voted it tells them what ballot to give them and then they’re issued the ballot and the voter votes.”

Now that the voter roster is electronic, ballots can be cast at any polling location in the Contra Costa county. That’s why the new technology also needs to enhance voter fraud prevention. 

Konopasek says that’s a part of the deal. 

“The ipads are all talking to each other continuously and by the time he got to another location, at that location when they looked him up they would see he previously voted at another location.”

Konopasek says the poll-pad will also expedite the in-person voting experience which is good because enthusiasm for this presidential election is off the charts.

“I think it’s going to be the biggest turn-out ever,” Konopasek adds.

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