Video shows mailman impostor steal package in Pleasant Hill


PLEASANT HILL (KRON) — Home surveillance video shows what appears to be a mailman approaching a Pleasant Hill home to make a delivery, but he does the opposite and instead steals a package right off the porch.

The postal impostor was apparently jumping from home to home along Mercury Way.

“It’s sad, it’s sobering, it’s violating,” Shereen Motarjemi said.

Motarjemi said she saw the fake mailman at an unusually early hour Thursday morning. 

She asked him about it and he apparently had an excuse about a new route change.

Taking this as being a reasonable response, some of Mortarjemi’s suspicions were at ease.

“He looked very confused and it was that confusion that already started to get me a little suspicious,” she said. But he had a postal uniform on and I thought this is one of our people.”

But her little dog Rocket wasn’t buying it. 

Video shows the 8-year-old terrier mutt chasing the impostor off of the driveway.

“He was smarter than I was,” she said. “And saw that this person was up to no good and wanted to make everybody safe.”

Motarjemi soon realized the mailman delivered to her someone else’s mail.

After talking with some of her neighbors, they all began looking at their home surveillance. 

What they found was alarming. 

The fake mailman was actually caught on camera trying to get into Motarjemi’s car before approaching her home. 

He quickly turned away when another car drives by.

Her neighbor then shared a video of the postal service impostor taking off with a package.

“I think the most violating part is that here is somebody who’s uniform tells us something about them that we feel automatically trusting of, and it’s violated that trust,” she said.

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