WASHINGTON (NEXSTAR) – Voters in six states headed to the polls Tuesday – and some groups are working to make sure many of them are women.

Mischelle Reece flew from Charlotte, North Carolina to Washington D.C. to be a part of an experiment.

“I’m very fortunate that I got to come and experience this with 100 plus other conservative women from across the country,” Reece said.

The women were attending the “Women Win” conference sponsored by Freedom Works, a conservative advocacy group working to get more suburban conservative women to the polls to vote Republican.

“I think at first, years back, women were not taken serious and now they realize we’re shaking the cages,” Gayle Stanley from Greenville, South Carolina said.

Stanley and the other women are working to increase the turnout of voters like them.

“Pulling them into our women’s clubs and just spreading the conservative message,” Lisa Watson from Spartanburg, South Carolina said.

This fall, women could hold the key to the presidential election and control of Congress. The effort to capture their votes is a top priority on both sides of the aisle.

“Seventy percent of the voters will be women,” Rep. Dan Kildee (D-MI) said.

Kildee said he’s think Democrats will have success appealing to women voters.

“The wave is coming. It’s not just the blue wave, it’s the pink wave,” Toni Van Pelt, president of the National Organization for Women, said.

Pelt said they hope to win Arizona and gain Democratic control of the Senate in November.

“Change doesn’t happen until change happens and I think that’s what is happening now.”

The Democrat and Republican women have just eight months to make their strategy a reality.