WASHINGTON, D.C. (NEXSTAR) – The Supreme Court blocked the Trump administration from putting a citizenship question on the census to identify undocumented immigrants. 

This week, the White House sought out another way to change how the census is done.

President Trump signed an Executive Order changing the way the US Census counts undocumented people. 

“He wants to make sure American citizens have all the political influence and representation afforded by the Constitution,” John Horstman, Special Advisor to the President, said. 

White House Spokesman John Horstman says the Executive Order would discount undocumented populations when deciding how many representatives each state gets in Congress. 

Horstman says immigration agencies will share people’s personal data with the Census Bureau. 

“That information has been collected in 2019, and will be used to inform any future decisions,” Horstman said. 

But the Census Bureau and House Democrats say that’s illegal. 

“He knows this is wrong, he knows it’s against the law not to count every individual in America,” Representative Lou Correa, D-California, said.

Congressman Lou Correa says he thinks the order is an election year political move. 

“This is the way he wants to treat the folks that grow our food and feed us. It just doesn’t make sense,” Correa said.

There are questions about whether the Executive Order is even enforceable. 

The administration already tried to get a citizenship question on the census, and the Supreme Court ruled against them.

“This is another attempt by the President to cheat the census,” Representative Nanette Barragan, D-California, said. 

After the order was issued, Democrat Nanette Barragan put out a public message in Spanish, urging undocumented Americans to continue filling out the census. 

“The motivation of the President is to try to stoke fear in people, discourage them from filling out the census,” Barragan said.  

Barragan expects the administration’s order will get a legal challenge.