WASHINGTON, D.C. (NEXSTAR) — The White House is making an effort to get more people to donate plasma. 

It’s one way they say Americans can do their part to defeat COVID.

President Trump drove to American Red Cross headquarters to talk about plasma.

“This is plasma, it’s antibodies and it’s all of the things they’re coming up with to end this horror show,” President Trump said.

The president is urging Americans who have survived the coronavirus to help battle the pandemic by donating plasma. 

Doctors have had success transfusing the blood plasma from people who’ve recovered from COVID — and developed antibodies — as a treatment for COVID patients.

“This is an opportunity for Americans to come together and help Americans,” Adam Boehler, CEO of the United States Development Finance Corporation said.

Boehler is spearheading the effort with the White House. 

He says every one plasma donation could help save three COVID patients lives. 

“The key is if you have coronavirus and you’re symptom free for 14 days, then your plasma can help people,” Boehler said.

Boehler says the White House want to assure people who’ve been under quarantine that visiting a blood donation center is safe.

“Because blood centers have specific policies in place. So everybody’s socially distanced,” Boehler said. “People are not at risk.”

“We’ve made tremendous progress with many of the therapeutics and vaccines,” President Trump said. “The vaccines are coming along far ahead of schedule.”

The president says the plasma push is just one part of the White House strategy to defeat the virus.