WASHINGTON (NEXSTAR) — Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) doesn’t want federal contracts to go to companies, like Amazon, that allegedly violates labor laws.

“Who as we speak right at this moment is engaged in massive, well funded, anti-union activity,” Sander said.

Sanders says Amazon isn’t following federal discrimination and wage laws.

“To date, there are currently 59 unfair labor cases against amazon pending at the NLRB,” he added.

But Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) says Sanders wants to push the country in a dangerous direction.

“Every time I turn around, you’re having a hearing about anybody who makes money is bad,” Graham said.

He accuses Sanders and Democrats of being anti-business and vowed to focus on new issues if Republicans win back the majority.

“You can have oversight hearings all you like, but you have determined that Amazon is a piece of crap company,” Graham explained. “We’re going to talk about how to save social security, keep Medicare from becoming absolvent, how to change the structural problems of our debt.”

But Amazon Labor Union President Christian Smalls says Graham doesn’t recognize what really makes Amazon successful.

“The people are the ones that make these corporations go, it’s not the other way around,” Smalls said in response.

Smalls urges Congress to take action, and pass legislation that protects workers.

“And if that don’t work, imma let you know right now that on behalf of Amazon Labor Union and the hundreds of thousands workers across the country, that we will continue to organize,” Smalls added.