Trump admin has warning for sanctuary cities: consequences are coming


WASHINGTON (NEXSTAR) — The Trump administration is warning sanctuary cities and states that consequences are coming. 

“You’re actively undermining law enforcement. You put officers at risk, and the communities they’re supposed to be responsible to,” said Acting Deputy Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, Ken Cuccinelli. 

Cuccinelli says DHS is deciding how to deal with states like California, which he says illegally withhold information about undocumented criminals from federal authorities. 

He says in two cases city officials even warned undocumented immigrants about planned ICE raids. 

“We’re looking at all our options with respect to sanctuary cities and states, because of the harm done to public safety and national security,” Cuccinelli said.

DHS already took action In New York and Attorney General William Barr filed three federal lawsuits against New Jersey, California and King County in Washington State, pushing back against their sanctuary policies.

“Today is a significant escalation in the federal government’s effort to confront the resistance of sanctuary cities,” said Attorney General Barr. 

California Congressman Adam Schiff, D-Calif., calls the attacks on sanctuary policies retribution. 

“We’re not going to give in to his kind of threat or intimidation,” Rep. Schiff said. “California doesn’t share his form of xenophobia.”

He says lawmakers representing California will do everything possible to prepare and to fight back. 

“The president has always had the attitude of you’re either with me or you’re against me,” Rep. Schiff said. “That goes for people, but it also goes for states.”

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