SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) – It’s going to feel a little bit more like summer than spring in the Bay Area over the next few days!

After a slightly cooler weekend, temperatures in the coming days are going to get toasty!

Monday, highs will be noticeably warmer than Sunday’s, with temperatures climbing well into the 60’s and 70’s near the coast, areas by the Bay seeing 70’s and 80’s, and for those inland temperatures will be skyrocketing to the low 90’s.

There won’t be a drop of rain in sight – skies will remain sunny and dry with windy conditions at times.

This pairing of hot, dry, windy weather will make Red Flag Warnings in effect through Tuesday evening for Solano County as fire danger becomes more of a concern.

Tuesday will be another hot day.

It looks like relief is in sight by mid-week into the weekend, however, with highs falling into the 70’s at warmest for most areas.

Skies will remain dry.

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