LIVERMORE, Calif. (KRON) — Tuesday’s extreme weather is heating up to once again break records in some parts of the San Francisco Bay Area.

KRON4 meteorologist Kyla Grogan said, “More brutal heat grips the bay today with temps at noon already running hotter than they were this time yesterday. Livermore busted an all-time record by hitting 116 degrees yesterday. Today by all accounts could be as bad, or slightly worse.”

KRON4 meteorologist John Shrable agreed. “After record-shattering heat yesterday, today’s temperatures are likely to be even hotter for many areas,” he said.

The most scorching parts of the Bay Area will be found in Walnut Creek and Danville, with a high of 119 degrees Tuesday afternoon. Pleasanton and Vacaville will also be baking at 117 degrees. Down in the South Bay, Cupertino will simmer in 110-degree heat.

“The biggest story to me isn’t the numbers so much as the danger that they embody,” Grogan said. “This type of prolonged heat event means that more and more people will be at risk of heat-related illnesses yet again today.”

Shrable also warned that this extreme weather is dangerous for venturing outside.

“Highs inland will rise above 110 degrees, with any exposure to afternoon heat being potentially dangerous.  Many bayside areas will see highs rising to 100 or above, with 70’s and 80’s all the way out to the coastline,” Shrable said.

The Bay Area’s wicked early September heat wave will continue into the work week. On Wednesday, areas that were between 95-115 will see a 10-degree cooldown.

“We should get a bit of a break with things running slightly cooler tomorrow as a system to our north rolls by us. But that relief is short lived as we heat up again to today’s levels on Thursday. The real break in the heat will come this weekend,” Grogan said.

Relief from this drawn-out heat wave is on Saturday’s horizon when temperatures are expected to cool down significantly.

For this week’s full KRON4 weather forecast, click HERE.

Tuesday’s potential record-breakers

  • 119 in Walnut Creek and Danville
  • 117 in Pleasanton
  • 117 in Vacaville
  • 110 in Cupertino
  • 90 in San Francisco

Monday’s record-breakers

  • 116 in Livermore
  • 104 in San Jose
  • 109 in Napa
  • 107 in Redwood City
  • 106 in Gilroy
  • 100 in Oakland