SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — Friday will be the latest in a run of several sunny, dry days with mild daytime highs in the low 60s and upper 50s. But following this brief respite from the wet winter weather, rain is set to return to the Bay Area this weekend.

We spoke to KRON4’s Meteorologist Kyla Grogan about when we can expect it, how much we will get, and how long it will last.

When will it rain again?

“March is marching forward with another round of Bay Area rain and Sierra snow,” Grogan explained. “While Friday will be another cool but nice day, by Friday night clouds will roll into the Bay.”

“Rain begins Saturday morning and rolls through the weekend,” Grogan added. “The heaviest downpours are likely late Saturday evening through Sunday morning.” 

Along with the rain, we will also be in for wind, cold and other stormy conditions.

“Wind will also pick up as this line of storms rolls through and some of the storm cells have the potential to bring thunderstorm activity as well as heavy downpours and the potential for small hail,” Grogan said.

How much rain will we get?

Here’s a look at expected rain totals through the weekend.

Graphic: Kyla Grogan

How long will the rain last?

This weekend’s rain is expected to last into next week. Here’s how long, according to Grogan.

“Showers linger a bit on Monday before wrapping up later in the day,” Grogan explained.

Winter Storm Warning

Rain around the Bay Area also means more snow in higher elevations.

“In addition to rain, we will also once again see some snow on our Bay Area peaks,” Grogan said. “Snow levels may dip down to about the 2,000-foot level as we go through the weekend. 

While we’re in for a rainy weekend in the Bay Area, the mountain snow will lead to difficult travel conditions and a Winter Storm Warning.

Graphic: Kyla Grogan

“In the Sierra, all of that Bay Area rain becomes snow as it hits the mountains,” Grogan said. “A Winter Storm Warning begins for the Tahoe area Saturday morning and rolls through the weekend until 4 a.m. on Monday.” 

“This will be another high impact storm with travel becoming difficult to impossible,” Grogan continued. “Snow totals are expected to be 1 to 2 feet, higher amounts between 2 to 4 feet are possible at spots above 7,000 feet in elevation.” 

Graphic: Kyla Grogan

“So, if you are hoping to be in the Sierra this weekend, my best advice is to get there before Saturday morning and plan to stay through the early morning hours of Monday before attempting to head back.”

Stick with the KRON4 weather team for updates on the storms through the weekend and into next week.