The National Weather Service issued a high surf warning from Sunday morning into Monday night with waves breaking between 25 to 46 feet down the Bay Area coastline. 

The waves at Ocean Beach were churning like a washing machine Friday and the rough conditions were enough to keep surfers away, although a lone windsurfer decided to ride some currents. 

Some areas like the Mavericks could see waves exceeding 50 ft high.

Meteorologists say those conditions will bring an increased risk of rip currents and sneaker waves. 

“That’s dangerously high surf all across the beaches from Sonoma County down to Monterey County,” a weather expert for the NWS said. “So just recommend that people stay out of the water, stay far back from the water’s edge.” 

Late Friday afternoon, the San Francisco Department of Emergency management urged the public to stay away from Ocean Beach from Sunday until Monday. 

City officials say the dangerous waves could reach the sea wall, which means people walking on sand could find themselves chest deep in water. 

Organizers for the Mavericks Surf Contest fear the waves will be too big and decided to put the contest on hold.