(KRON) – King Tides are at it this weekend, causing a Coastal Flooding Advisory until 3 p.m. on Sunday.

The tides will occur each morning, followed by very low tides hours later each afternoon, the National Weather Service said. The peak will be on Saturday.

KRON4 meteorologist Dave Spahr warns to watch out for typical flooding areas including parking lots, parks, and roads.

The highest astronomical tides of the year will rise to 6.7 feet in Half Moon Bay at 9 a.m., and dramatically drop to -1.5 feet at 4 p.m., according to Surfline.com

King Tides are a natural phenomenon that happen every year when the moon, Earth, and sun align to create the strongest gravitational pull.

“King Tides occur when tidal forces maximize as the moon, Earth, and sun come into alignment while the moon is nearest to the Earth and the Earth is nearest to the sun,” the National Weather Service wrote.

Stronger gravitational pull causes high tides to be 1-2 feet higher than normal high tides, and low tides to be 1-2 feet lower than usual low tides.

The California King Tides Project is encouraging anyone near the coast to send in photos of the high tides as part of its effort to increase understanding of what the state will experience as climate change causes sea level to rise.

Find out when your nearest shoreline will see peak King Tides this weekend.