SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — With summer officially just over a month away, temperatures in San Francisco are not exactly what you call “summerlike.” In fact, temperatures seem to be moving away from the typically warmer trends of late spring and early summer.

San Francisco’s low temperature of 46 degrees is tied for the city’s record on May 11, the National Weather Service Bay Area announced on Wednesday. That ties the record set on that day in 2010, 1909, 1894, and 1887.

In other record-setting lows in the Bay Area, the NWS announced that Half Moon Bay’s low temperature of 36 degrees is a new record for May 11. The previous record was 38 degrees set in 2004 and 1991.

San Francisco records its 25th coolest spring ever

From March 1 to May 10 (meteorological spring), the city’s average temperature of 55.1 degrees is tied for the coolest on record with 1904, 1962, and 1886, according to the NWS. On Tuesday May 10, the average temperature of 51 degrees in San Francisco is 6 degrees below the normal average for that day of the year.

In that same time period last year, the average San Francisco temperature was 54.2 degrees, which is the 15th coolest on record.

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The forecast this weekend in San Francisco is supposed to be sunny on Saturday and partly cloudy on Sunday. High temperatures are set to be 71 degrees on Saturday and 67 degrees on Sunday.