SAN FRANCISCO – The Bay Area Air Quality Management District is extending the Spare the Air Alert for smog and the air quality advisory for smoke through Tuesday.

The Spare the Air Alert was set to expire on Sunday.

This map can show you how the air quality is in your specific area:

Wildfire smoke combined with high inland temperatures and vehicle exhaust are expected to cause unhealthy smog, or ozone, accumulation in the Bay Area.

During the Spare the Air Alert, wood burning is banned so it does not contribute to smoke already polluting the air. Officials also encourage residents to reduce air pollution by taking public transit or biking rather than driving a personal vehicle.

“Climate change is impacting our region with more frequent wildfires and heat waves leading to poor air quality,” said Veronica Eady, senior deputy executive officer of the Air District.

“We can all help by driving less to reduce smog and improve air quality when respiratory health is top of mind for us all.”

Sensitive groups, like the elderly, children, and people with lung-related health conditions such as asthma, should remain indoors during the alert. Alerts can change – be shortened or extended – so be sure to check regularly for updates.