EL DORADO COUNTY, Calif. (KRON) – Another fire in Northern California has already taken a number of structures and is threatening more.

The Caldor Fire started on Saturday — It’s southeast of the Dixie Fire in El Dorado County.

One Bay Area family has a cabin nearby and drove up there on Wednesday to get as many of their belongings as they could fearing the wind may shift and they may lose their vacation home.

“This fire is like nothing we’ve ever seen before,” Kasey Batista said. 

Kasey Batista’s family built this cabin 20 years ago in Pine Grove, a small town near Volcano in El Dorado County.

They come up from Antioch several times a year to vacation and relax.

“There’s always been fires circulating the area, there’s a lot of brush up there but we’ve never had immediate danger like this,” Batista said. 

Kasey and her mom drove up with a big trailer on Wednesday, loading up as much as they could fearing the wind may shift and their beloved vacation home may catch fire.

At this time, they are not under a mandatory evacuation but that could soon change and they wanted to be prepared and out of firefighters’ way should this fire take a turn for the worse.

“We had enough time, luckily we were some of the lucky ones who actually had time to prepare and time to grab things that we know, we wanted and had time to pack it in the car nicely and get out of there but it’s crazy up there right now,” Batista said. 

The Caldor Fire is just 25 miles north of the Batista’s cabin.

The fire has grown to more than 62,000 acres and has destroyed homes in Grizzly Flats, a town about 50 miles from the Batista’s cabin in Pine Grove.

“Memories pictures we used to go up there as a family and as I’ve gotten older I’ve gone up there with friends so there’s just like floods of memories in there so then we all started to get sentimental while we were there leaving so we are hoping for the best we have everything we need we are hoping the wind doesn’t shift and they’re able to get it contained and nobody else loses their homes at this point but we are just not sure,” Batista said.