(KRON) — The National Weather Service has issued a warning of an increased risk of wildfires this week. Several parts of the Bay Area and Northern California are under Red Flag warnings, including parts of Solano and San Joaquin counties. Wildfire season has once again come earlier than usual, after a dry winter with barely any rainfall.

Increased fire danger

The lack of wet weather, combined with higher temperatures and gusty winds make for dangerous conditions for fire to spark and spread fast.

“Owner preparation of properties is the single most effective thing that can be done to save
homes and businesses ahead of possible wildfires,” said Assistant Chief and Fire Marshal Chris
Bachman, Contra Costa County Fire Protection District. “Investment in fire safe preparation
today can buy the time tomorrow for firefighters to arrive and protect structures from wildfire
loss. The owner who abates weeds and creates defensible space can truly make a difference,
which early season fires have already demonstrated.”

How to create ‘defensible space’ for wildfires

Here are a few recommendations for creating ‘defensible space’:

  • Con Fire recommends homeowners are equipped for potential fires by ensuring their property has a defensible space.
  • A defensible space is a perimeter that is 30-100 feet out from a home/building and deck. It’s fireproofed by being clear of dead plants, trees or other vegetation as well as branches.
  • Plants and trees should have enough spacing so fires can not easily jump between them.
  • The grass should be no taller than 4 inches.

Check this wildfire defensible space guide for more details.