(KRON) – Around Lake Tahoe, some evacuation orders have been lifted as fire crews make progress on containing the Caldor Fire, but many people remain forced from their homes and in need of help.

KRON4 spoke with a group that’s doing what they can to assist those in need. 

Tens of thousands of people have been displaced by the Caldor Fire — Some are being allowed to return home, but many cannot.  

On Monday afternoon, KRON4 visited with a nonprofit trying to help them.

Carrie Scarvie works for the non-profit Community Disaster Resource Center, or CDRC, based in South Lake Tahoe.    

CDRC was originally created to help the victims of the 2007 Angora Fire which destroyed hundreds of homes in and around South Lake Tahoe.

Now they are coordinating relief efforts for people forced to flee the Caldor fire.

“We are really focused on community members that are underinsured, that are low income, and who have no insurance. 60-percent of South Lake Tahoe residents are renters. The majority of them do not have insurance. A lot of them will need financial assistance and physical assistance getting back into the community,” Scarvie said.

Thankfully, fire crews have so far been able to keep the fire from burning into South Lake Tahoe and some evacuation orders have been lifted but Scarvie says that even if the immediate danger from the fire passes, there will still be people in need and a lot of cleanup work to do.

“The likelihood of severe smoke damage is probably going to be extravagant. It was so close, into the people’s backyards, literally. We don’t know the scope of the project. It could be that people need to go in and repaint or buy new furniture,” Scarvie said.

For any fire victims who might need help, Scarvie asks that they visit CDRC’s website and fill out the intake form.  

“If you need assistance with housing or food or if anything got ruined in your house via severe smoke damage and you need help with that, please reach out via our website and fill out the intake form. We are about keeping the community healthy and trying to get them back into their houses and jobs after a disaster,” Scarvie said.

Anyone who wants to help with a donation should also visit the CDRC website.