The Handlery Union Square Hotel in San Francisco is offering a discounted rate of $75 per night with complimentary parking for Caldor Fire evacuees.

Guests will also receive a 10% discount to Macy’s if need to pick up any additional items they had to leave behind.

The hotel will require proof of residency from the evacuation zone(s).

KRON4 spoke to a pair of Tahoe evacuees staying at the hotel.

“I was balling. I started bursting out in tears just thinking about everything that is in my house. All our memories,” said Meyers evacuee Venture Bruner.

“A lot of the time it feels surreal. It feels like it’s almost like we’re in denial of the magnitude of the situation,” said South Lake Tahoe evacuee Sabrina Green.

These evacuees are cousins who have both lived in Meyers and South Lake their entire lives

“We saw so many people in panic the day we had to evacuate because we never experienced anything like this. Like even in the Angora Fire in 2008. That was in our town. Many people’s homes burned, but still when they had to evacuate, they only had to evacuate to the other side of town. We didn’t have to leave,” Sabrina said.

“So it’s really crazy to see like everyone really gone,” Ventura added.