SAN JOSE, Calif. (KRON) – A Red Flag Warning in May and signs that the drought may shatter records is causing major concern as fire season begins.

Lab director Craig Clements says statewide, it’s not looking good.

“In terms of the data that I looked at today, the fuel moisture and the shrubs are pretty close to record-low,” Clements said.

This could lead to a potent fire season, according to San Jose State University’s wildfire interdisciplinary lab says could lead to a bad fire season.

However,  the drought only plays a part in whether we see more homes devoured or acres damages.

You may recall, lightning strikes ignited fires in 2020, creating that perfect storm and leading to those eerie oranges skies.  

“We should expect those summer seasons to not be as bad as 2020 as long as we don’t have a large lightning outbreak like last year,” Clements said.

He says a lot of it also has to do with us.

“I think the public needs to be aware that because of the drought, we are in a higher fire danger situation for this season because the plants just can’t respond. And if there’s ignition, which, 8 out of 10 fires are human-caused. Then those fires could get big quickly.”

Clements added that we need to fun labs so that we can better understand fires and their behaviors.