SAINT HELENA, Calif. (KRON) — Some parts of Saint Helena are no longer smoldering from the Glass Fire, but the destruction is extensive.

It’s already being called the worst fire to ever hit Napa Valley.

As of Tuesday, the fire is 50% contained, but it already destroyed over 550 homes and burned through 66,849 acres. CalFire does not have an expected timeline of full containment.

Firefighters are not just battling the fire on the ground, but in the air. Crews in airplanes have been dropping fire retardant as visibility clears.

Multiple wineries were destroyed or damage, hitting the region’s business owners and employees hard after an already rough few months with the coronavirus pandemic.

While the grapes are now unusable to make Napa County’s famed wine, some wineries are discussing potentially using those smoke-filled grapes to make brandy instead.

The two-year aging process makes it a gamble, with wineries unsure how it will taste. However, the devastated businesses are trying to salvage whatever they can.

The Glass Fire currently remains among remote, rugged areas.

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